WHY 7TH - 12TH ?

The upper school at Wade Christian combines 7th-12th grade. This is not a junior high and senior high but an upper school community where the wisdom of the elder is infused with the energy of the younger. Thus, Wade students have a unique experience academically, spiritually, and socially. They are connected from ages 12-18 to each other in very specific ways:

    ♦ Socially through the lunch room, P.E. class, where, in cross-age groupings, students mentor

       each other academically and spiritually, pray with each other, and learn leadership in

       various settings and events during the year

    ♦ Physically as they compete in sports through games throughout the year,

       developing camaraderie through competition

    ♦ Academically as they learn in a seamless curriculum from 7th through 12th grade

    ♦ Spiritually as they worship together, experience God in small groups, and become

       the hands and feet of Jesus in service ministry and mission